Pål Blesvik


Pål Blesvik

Team Name: Blesvik Racing

Nationality: Norwegian

Class: Unlimited

About our Team:
We are a small team, mostly my family and close friends.
My wife Monica and the kids; Kim Andre’, Joakim and Marius.
Odd Arild Hoel is also kind of a family member 🙂
Odd Arild Hoel, Kim Andre’ and Joakim helps with the car, Marius takes care of getting everything on tape and Monica does everything else!

My best and worst memories:
Best moment was when I won the Norwegian Championship 2014.
Have not had any worst moments worth mentioning..

Why I started racing and when:
I have always had a desire to power up those steep sand walls after being a judge in some years and in 2011 I decided to rebuild my rock crawler to a Formula Offroad car, Modified class.
My first race was in the spring of 2012.

Building a race car that works good and manage to control my fear for these insane hills!
Got 3rd place and Best in Show 😀

The Car:
The car was built as a Rock Crawler in 2009 and i had only to competitions with it before I decided to rebuild it . Former Formula Offroad competitor Christian Austad was telling me that it will not cost me much money or time so I picked up my angle cutter and got to work..
The Volvo portal axles was swapped to a pair of Dana 60’s, the LS1 engine got a rear mounted turbo, the suspension was lowered and wheel base stretched.
I have to give lots of credit to Roar Johannsen for tuning the computer!!
I had some problems with turbo lag and the Dana 300 transfer did not hold up.
So before the next season the turbo and the radiator switched place and the watercooled intercooler was replaced with water/methanol injection.
Before the 2014 season the car was even more lower and longer, bigger turbo and a Atlas II “race case” replaced the Dana 300.
Spec list;
Frame: 48×3,2mm seamless tube
Wheelbase: 300 cm
Engine: 5,7 l. GM Corvette LS6, Comp Cam LSR277, Lucas 86 lb injectors, Eagle forged rods, Mahle forged pistons, Patriot Performance valvetrain kit, Harland Sharp roller rockers, Moroso oilpump, Borg Warner Airwerks s400sx3 turbo, Snow Performance Methanol/water injection, Aeromotive Eliminator fuelpump.
Fuel: Bioethanol (E85)
Tranny: GM TH400, TCI manual reversed valve kit, TCI Streetfighter 3500 rpm converter.
Transfer: Atlas 2.0 Racecase.
Axles: Front, Dodge/Chevy Dana 60. Yukon Grizzly locker. Yukon 4340 shafts. Yukon Superjoints.
Rear, Dodge D60 welded spool.
MB GW radius arms w/1″ uniball, Panhard bar
Rims/tires: steel 18×15 IMS beadlocks, Padla Trak 20×15
2015 season; 16×18″ Alloy rims with Bigger Digger up front and Super Scooper’s in the rear.
Suspension: Racerunner airshocks, Fox bumpstops, Pro Comp limit straps
Steering: Fully hydraulic, Danfoss 200 cfm Orbitrol, KSM cylinder
Brakes: Wilwood 3/4″ main cylinder, Volvo 240 calipers, split D60 discs.
Others: Kirkey seat, 3″ PRP 5 point harness, Summit alu cooler, 3qt. Accusump.
New for the 2015 season, all new electric system with Painless Wiring harness for the engine.

Support Vehicle:
In the end of the 2014 season our Ford C-class RV was replaced with a 12 meter Coach camper with everything we need.
I contains 13 seats (9 passengers allowed while driving), 3 tables, kitchen, 2 toilets, shower, 2 double beds, 3 single beds, 700 liters freshwater, 700 liters black water, 150 liter hot water, 3 kw and 5,5kw generators, 4X8m quick-up tent
We have the race car on a trailer.

About me:
Love to spend time in our boat with the family.

Contact Details:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blesvikracing

E-mail: offroadracing@hotmail.com

Telephone: 0047 46943034[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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