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Nationality: Norwegian

Class: Unlimited

About our Team:
We are a Team which is based just outside Trondheim, specifically Malvik. We are a relatively large team with four cars, there are two formula offroad cars and two trial cars. We also have a Volvo b10m 91mod which we have converted into racing bus and staying in when we travel on hits. The team consists of a total of 8 people collaborating to keep the wheels of all vehicles turning. The owners of the vehicles are Tor Egil and Ron and the formula offroad cars are run exclusively by us. The Trial vehicles are used by those who have the desire and ability to use them. They are also at the disposal of our sponsors throughout the year for company events etc.
The team consists of Tor Egil “Toro” Thorland, Ronny Pedersen, Marius Maerk, Mathias Vognild, Svein Erik Skogstad, Daniel Bergdal Geir Kvenild and Kjetil Johansen. No one in the team has special tasks, we are all in it together no matter what the task! I LOVE MY TEAM !!! Without these guys none of this would have been possible! THANK YOU
for the wild ride which is TROLL RACING!


My best and worst memories:
My best memory must be my first win in the modified class at Bålstad in 2013. It was my first real race with Ugly Betty (Our car). We destroyed hubs and had arrived on Saturday and had no spare, so we welded on an original Toyota hilux nav hub and went on to win on the Sunday! My worst memory must be the test drive in Skien in 2012 …. Took the car to it’s max and blew the engine! Unlucky …..

Why I started racing and when:
I’ve been involved with offroad sport my whole life because my grandfather was, so when I was 18 years old I used a Pajero with 33″ tires which I used in the forest. From there the trip was short until I began using a Suzuki constructed into trial car. In 2005 I decided to build a rørchassie would become promodbil. This had volvo ports and a V8. I had very much fun with this car and actually won a monster race in end of 2010 in the small size class.
But the dream of driving formula offroad grew more and more, so in 2011 I took the old car and tore it down and started re-building it as a formula offroad chassis. We missed out in 2012 when the engine blew but came back strongly in 2013 and became Norwegian Champions in the modified class and repeated it now in 2014 in the unlimited class.

Norwegian Champions 2013 in the Modified class
Norwegian Champions 2014 in the Unlimited class
2nd place in the Norwegian Cup 2014 in the Modified class

The Car:
48×2,6 seamless pipe chassis. “Jeep” bodywork, dana 60 front axle, Gm14 rear. Th400 / np208.Chevrolet LQ4 2001mod engine HX50 turbo. 13psi boost pressure, E85 fuel, water / methanol injection. K-link front and 4 link bak.14″ airshocks. Bigger digger tires front and Super Scoopers on the rear.
We folow the rule of: “Keep it simple stupid”

Support Vehicle:
Volvo B10M 91mod bus which we have built into racing bus. We have space for a car in the bus and on the trailer. We have 6 sleeping places inside the bus and 4 in the cargo hold, kitchen, wc and 2 seating groups of 4 with tables between. 8x4m Tent.

About me:
I have 2 children and a partner who I really appreciate, Cicilie is a fantastic woman in every way possible! Without her I would not be where I am today, she has allowed me to keep on with this hobby at times both night and day! Meanwhile she has taken care of our house and children, there are not many women who are as patience and understanding as her in the world! when I have some free time to spare, I like to go fishing! Otherwise I am a very busy family man 🙂

Contact Details:


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